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Data returns back to device for MiCycle

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New version of MiCycle and MiCycle Pro applications are being reviewed by Apple now and soon be on the Apple iTunes Store. In this version we are disabling an ability to store data on both – device and iCloud. From now on data will only be stored on a device. We had to do this because Apple has depreciated the feature we used to sync data between local storage and iCloud. This feature will be disabled completely in next version of iOS – so we had to comply. Here is what this means for the users:

  • We STRONGLY recommend to perform a backup of your data by using Export feature (Export item in main menu) before you update your MiCycle or MiCycle Pro to version 3.1
  • When you updated your app to version 3.1 and run first time – it will perform “Data Optimization”. During this operation data will be copied from your iCloud storage to device local storage. Once successfully copier – iCloud data will be removed.
  • At this point data is only on your device – to copy to other device please use Export / Email feature

Depending on a data size and your network speed it may take sometime to complete Data Optimization process. We provided a progress bar which will give you the progress information. If process interrupted for some reason – it will continue when you run application next time. We expect you created a backup before you update your app to version 3.1 – so this backup can be used to re-populate application in case you removed it from the device or if its data got corrupted.

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