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Bread baking process long and tricky! With Bread Baker app you will control the dough preparation and baking step-by-step. You receive notifications once each step is complete. Process can be visually controlled and adjusted. As a bonus we include several popular bread recipes. You can also add your own recipes with ingredients and step-by-step process. Changing target weight will recalculate amount of ingredients required. Recipes can be shared via messages and iCloud.


Feature list:
* List of popular bread recipes, including ingredients and processes
* All recipes are localized to English (default) and some native languages (multiple languages supported)
* Ability to re-calculate required ingredients based on target bread weight
* Support for metric (kg/g) and imperial (lb/oz) weights and temperatures
* Visual presentation of process progress
* Gantt chart to visually change the process that is running
* Push notifications when step or whole process is complete
* Ability to add your own recipes, their ingredients and step-by-step process
* Share your recipes via standard iOS means (email, message, social) or via iCloud

While you may use application for free as recipe storage, you will need to purchase a subscription to use process and notification features. Please pick one of available subscriptions in the In-App Store to control baking process and receive completion notifications. Having active subscription will also hide in-app advertisements.

NOTE: When you purchase a subscription first time – you will be billed only after 7 first free trial days. If you cancel your first monthly subscription during these first trial days – you will NOT be charged at all.

Available from Apple iTunes AppStore today! Please enjoy your freshly baked bread!

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