These days anybody can write an app. But in most cases it may not be enough. What matters is - efficiency, quality, functionality. Most developers these days tend to overweight to functionality, but two other aspects are equally important. After all the feature-reach app with horrible user interface won't be used wide.

Latest News

Assignments interactive interface in Tasks Wizard

We added an interactive task assignment interface to our Tasks Wizard application. New version that was release today (version 2.1) includes this new and exciting feature! In a matrix form user may see current assignments of tasks between calendar days and team members. Unassigned tasks can be drag-n-dropped to particular…

iCloud Sharing for Tasks Wizard

Tasks Wizard 2.0 was release on December 6, 2018. Among other improvements this version includes a very important feature: ability to share projects on several devices via iCloud. When devices connected to the same iCloud account – they have access to all projects that are shared. User may elect which…

Create video from the ride in MiCycle

New version of MiCycle application is release. It is v4.5. Among other improvements it has two very nice new features: ability to create a Power Curve from a powermeter data and ability to generate an animated video from a ride data. Power Curve can be observer for ride as a…


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