These days anybody can write an app. But in most cases it may not be enough. What matters is - efficiency, quality, functionality. Most developers these days tend to overweight to functionality, but two other aspects are equally important. After all the feature-reach app with horrible user interface won't be used wide.

Latest News

Turn-by-turn navigation in CamCarDer

Good news! You asked and we followed! Turn-by-turn navigation was added to a CamCarDer application (both – free and paid versions). You can search places with just one-line natural language search, then select one of found places. Application remember previous destinations and you may select them to navigate again. Found…

Tasks Wizard web application released

Tasks Wizard projects that are shared in Apple iCloud can now be viewed in a Gantt Chart mode on via web browser. We are happy to announce the release of a beta version of a Tasks Wizard Web application. It can be accessed via following URL: https://tasks-wizard.oxigenator.com We have plans…

Assign device contacts to tasks in Tasks Wizard

New version (2.2) of Tasks Wizard was just released. Among minor improvements, it includes a very important feature: ability to assign task to a device contact. In the assignment popup by default you will see a list of team members, registered in the Tasks Wizard. Clicking to address book icon…


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