These days anybody can write an app. But in most cases it may not be enough. What matters is - efficiency, quality, functionality. Most developers these days tend to overweight to functionality, but two other aspects are equally important. After all the feature-reach app with horrible user interface won't be used wide.

Latest News

Create video from the ride in MiCycle

New version of MiCycle application is release. It is v4.5. Among other improvements it has two very nice new features: ability to create a Power Curve from a powermeter data and ability to generate an animated video from a ride data. Power Curve can be observer for ride as a…

Miner Data on Ethermine.org

Link to Miner Data app on Apple App Store was placed on a Ethermine.org web front. Users may now download it from mobile clients list page there. We happy that more users are now can enjoy our simple and effective mining activity monitor!

Trainer mode, export improvements, history for free version of MiCycle

Versions 3.8.2 and 3.8.3 of MiCycle and MiCycle Pro brought several important features and improvements. When cycling season is over users now still can use MiCycle to record their in-door cycling activities with the help of “Trainer” mode. On main screen just turn on Trainer switch and application will ignore…


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