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CamCarDer (reads “Cam-Car-Der”) is all you need to capture video during your car trips. Just mount your iPhone to a dash with main camera facing forward and start recording of what happens during your trips. You won’t believe what kind of interesting things you can capture with it (remember Chelyabinsk’s meteorite?)! And, in case of unfortunate accident, you may use your recordings when talk to insurance company.

App provide following features:
* Capture video in 3 resolutions (Low, Medium, High) and optional audio
* Select length of clips (1, 5, 10 or 15 minutes). Next clip starts automatically when current is over.
* Record GPS location along with video
* Capture speed
* Take photo snapshots while recording video. Photo includes a timestamp and coordinates.
* Play back video with showing marker on a map
* Export video to album for sharing or storage
* Exported video includes watermark with date/time stamp, speed and optional map and coordinates
* Keep recorded clips as a history, shown as list or on map
* Show path for particular clip on a map with speed indicated with color scale
* Option to start recording when open the app
* Option to keep only recent clips and recycle old ones
* Mark important clips “protected” to spare from deletion/recycling
* Tracking and recording G-force for abrupt braking or acceleration
* Show/hide map on main screen for easy navigation
* Dim screen to reduce heating and power consumption

NOTE: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Please see details on our website at http://oxigenator.com/products/camcarder/ . We suggest that you connect your iPhone to a power, rather than using it on a battery.

Due to Apple’s restrictions camera cannot record video while applications is running in the background. So if your phone receives an incoming call or you want to switch to another app, CamCarDer will save current clip. You can start new clip manually, or set application to auto-start it when application goes back to foreground.

Available from Apple’s AppStore today! Video demonstration is available on YouTube. If you need to test it first before you purchase, please use our free CamCarDer Lite version!


Main Interface

When application starts, depending on settings it will either show your camera view and controls, or simply starts recording a video/audio. Video is only recorded from back (main) camera – it has better characteristics and facing proper direction when mounted. Camera will focus automatically when start recording and user may adjust the focus any time by swiping horizontally until desired focus reached.


To access menu simply click to menu icon in upper left corner of the screen (three blue lines). Main interface will slide right and you will have access to menu items:

History and History Map

Recorded clips are available via History interface. They are sorted by dates. User may select desired clip and go to Details interface, where overall clip map is displayed along with the route. Clips can also be presented on an interactive Map based on their beginning location (open Map by clicking Map button on a top toolbar). Clicking on a clip marker will reveal quick info, while clicking to “i” will open clip details interface.

On Clip Details interface user can see basic clip info, overall map with the path, where speed is shown between green and red colors (green indicates maximum speed, while red – complete stop).

Following actions available on Details interface:

  • View clip along with the map (moving marker will indicate each frame’s position)
  • Export video clip into your phone’s Photo Album for further processing/sharing
  • Exported clip includes watermark with date/time and speed (check samples: High-res and  Mid-res)

User may mark clips “protected” from accidental deletion by clicking to lock icon. Sliding clips on History List allow to delete them (NOTE: deletion is permanent!).

Export with Watermarks

From clip details interface you may export clip into your Camera Roll. Such exported clip will include date/time stamp and speed marker imprinted into video as “watermark”. You may also elect to include a map as overlay with dynamic marker indicating the current position on a map. There is a control over map transparency: you can make it opaque, fully transparent or any level in between!


Application allow user to choose the quality of video being recoded. In most cases Medium quality provides the best balance of resolution and recording size. High quality produce roughly ten times larger files, while Low quality significantly degrades the quality of picture.

User may elect to start recording immediately after launching the app (e.g. no need to press Start Recording button). Application will also start recording if it went to background mode and then returned back to foreground (for example when you receive a phone call). Recoding clips have fixed duration which user may select as 1, 5, 10, 15, 30 or 60 minutes. When one clip is over, next will start automatically.

By default application will NOT record sound (audio), but if turned on in settings – clips will include sound track from phone’s microphone as well.

User may also choose to “recycle” old unprotected recorded clips. If this option set to ON, user has a choice to set how many latest unprotected clips application will keep, deleting other older unprotected clips automatically. NOTE: remember – if you enable this feature, it will delete old unprotected clips, that exceed selected number automatically!

If user want to include dynamic map into a video export, there is an option to choose how opaque or transparent map will be (from non-transparent to fully transparent and any level in between).