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VERSION 3.7 (PUBLISHED ON 03/11/2020)

  • Turn-by-turn navigation with voice announcements was added. Users now can record video and at the same time follow the navigation turn-by-turn instructions on screen and over the speaker

VERSION 3.6 (PUBLISHED ON 02/10/2020)

  • Ability to detect and recognize speed limit signs was added. Application may also notify user if detected speed limit was exceeded. Currently only US and alike speed limit signs supported, but we are adding more regions soon

VERSION 3.5 (PUBLISHED ON 11/12/2019)

  • Ability to select a particular camera to use on multi-camera devices (like iPhone X, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, etc.)

VERSION 3.4 (PUBLISHED ON 10/29/2019)

  • Ability to take photos during video recording (photos saved into camera roll and include coordinates + timestamp).
  • User may include coordinates into exporting video (shown under the map)
  • Application will auto-rotate when phone mounted with connector facing left or right
  • Few minor fixes and improvements

VERSION 3.3 (PUBLISHED ON 10/23/2019)

  • Dark mode support for iOS 13. Minor fixes and improvements

VERSION 3.2.1 (PUBLISHED ON 01/09/2018)

  • Free version now allowed to export full clip (with conditions)
  • Improved stability
  • Minor fixes

VERSION 3.2 (PUBLISHED ON 09/09/2017)

  • Now on exporting video we move map instead of position marker. This allow to see map in much more detailed way
  • Start / Stop button no longer blocks the retracted map on main screen
  • We removed 60 and 30 minute clip length options since they produce too large files
  • Minor fixes and interface improvements

VERSION 3.1.1 (PUBLISHED ON 06/29/2017)

  • Compass was removed due to redundancy (pull-up map already has a compass if heading is other than North)
  • Fix for an app crash when go back from settings interface

VERSION 3.1 (PUBLISHED ON 05/29/2017)

  • Tab to retract map was added on main interface. Map can go out and back in; it will follow a direction of vehicle movement
  • Start / Stop button now have a color to indicate recording or idle mode (red color – recording; green color – idle)
  • Control to dim screen was added on main interface. While dimmed we are not updating most of screen elements, which should lower the energy consumption – hence lower the heating of the device.
  • Clean up “stuck” video clips of records that were deleted
  • Clip title is now based on clip beginning’s location
  • Several small defects were fixed

VERSION 3.0 (PUBLISHED ON 04/27/2017)

  • New Features
    • Ability to switch on and off the Video Stabilization (if available for selected quality mode)
    • Video stabilization (if available and on) shown with an icon on preview interface
  • Improvements and changes
    • Several interfaces were improved for usability
    • High, Medium and Low camera modes were adjusted to be more relevant to particular device model
    • Minor defects were fixed

VERSION 2.5 – 2.5.2 (PUBLISHED ON 10/10/2016)

  • New Features
    • Tracking and recording G-force for abrupt braking or acceleration
  • Improvements and changes
    • Video Playback is now smooth when use slider. Map is also re-positioned more smoothly.
    • Application now required iOS 9.0 or later and compatible with iOS 10
    • Crashes due to privacy rules changes were fixed

VERSION 2.4.1 (PUBLISHED ON 06/14/2016)

  • Improvements and Fixes
    • Location services now required only for “When App In Use” (before it was “Always” which was unnecessary)
    • Application does not go to sleep after one clip is finished recording and next one starting

VERSION 2.4 (PUBLISHED ON 06/09/2016)

  • New functionality:
    • instead of one large clip, CamCarDer now records smaller clips of fixed size; when one clip is over, next will automatically start recording
    • controls to select clip duration (1, 5, 10, 15, 30 or 60 minutes)
    • when previewing clip (playing in the app), user may elect to automatically start to play next clip when current is over
  • Improvements
    • when camera is not moving – speed is shown as “—“ instead of non-zero value (on both – the preview and the export)
    • minor interface improvements on clip play interface

VERSION 2.3 (PUBLISHED ON 06/02/2016)

  • New functionality:
    • include map with dynamic marker into the video export
    • controls to include map and change its transparency
  • Improvements:
    • App will not be going to sleep when export video (this process may take awhile)

VERSION 2.2 (PUBLISHED ON 05/22/2016)

  • Exported video now includes watermark with date/time stamp and speed of a moment
  • Compass now better visible on bright spots of video stream
  • Details interface has better controls for Export (bar) and Play (tap on map)
  • Deleting clips on History View collapses table cells smooth now
  • Problem fixed when device will crash attempting to set camera to Low Light Boost mode where available
  • Problem fixed when cannot delete the clip with the error message popup stating “Cannot delete the movie clip file!”

VERSION 2.1.1 (PUBLISHED ON 03/08/2016)

  • Minor interface improvements
  • Crash-reporting service include
  • New languages added – now Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Japanese and Korean in addition to English, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish, German and Portuguese

VERSION 2.1 (PUBLISHED ON 10/10/2015)

  • GPS-based Compass added to indicate heading direction
  • Camera Controls interface added to control quality and focusing. Manual focusing lens position is now stored in settings and will be used next time you run the app
  • 3D Touch Home screen shortcuts added (launch with Start Recording, Show History, Show Map)
  • Minor interface changes
  • Recording now will continue after phone call or similar interruption
  • Minor defects fixed

Version 2.0.1 (published on 9/15/2015)

  • Fixed problem with Auto-Start feature (it didn’t start automatically after UI update)

Version 2.0 (published on 9/3/2015)

  • History Map View added to see all recorded clips at their locations
  • User Interface improvements
  • New languages localization added

Version 1.2 (published on 8/28/2015)

  • Better auto-layout format when perform playback
  • Ability to recycle old clips to keep latest and protected

Version 1.0 (published on 5/18/2015)

  • Initial version, submitted to App Store.