Revision History

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VERSION 1.3 (PUBLISHED ON 10/22/2019)

  • Compatibility with dark color mode for iOS 13. Minor fixes and improvements

VERSION 1.2.2 (PUBLISHED ON 01/09/2019)

  • Weather provider was changed from Yahoo (they discontinued their weather api services) to Dark Sky

VERSION 1.2 (PUBLISHED ON 10/20/2018)

  • Added an ability to generate an animated video of a ride on a 3D map for saving and sharing

VERSION 1.1 (PUBLISHED ON 01/11/2018)

  • Timeline and Charts on Day Events view
  • Implement standard sharing to share data in any application on iPhone that can accept the image (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Weibo, LINK, etc.)
  • Improve altitude calculation

VERSION 1.0.1 (PUBLISHED ON 12/25/2017)

  • Initial release