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Tasks Wizard

Simple and very effective multi-project Task Management solution. For each task in a task tree it can count time, cost, materials and overall completion. Tasks may be constrained by predecessors and be assigned to team members. Application supports various views, including list/search, tree browsing, gantt chart, calendar view. Tasks can be annotated with text notes and photos. Tracking of time, cost and materials can be done independent or linked to overall task completion slider.

On Gantt chart tasks can be visually edited (moved and/or stretched). Relationship between tasks will be show with arrow. Gantt chart shows one of three planned vs. actual metrics: time, cost or completion.

Projects can be exported and shared via email attachments. Exported project will include all information, including involved team members. Export file will also include project photos if their total size is small enough to make attachment “mailable”. User may select the compression ratio to make photos small in size.

Application use is licensed via subscriptions (monthly or annual). Subscriptions are auto-renewable, but users can cancel them at any moment via iTunes Store. The first-time users will get a free 7-day trial (e.g. when user purchase a subscription, she/he will be charged only on 7-th day if didn’t cancel this subscription before that on iTunes).

Main Features

  • Create and Manage Tasks in a form of a project on iPhone or iPad
  • Task includes: WBS, Title, Description, Plan/Actual Start/Finish, Time, Cost, Materials, % of completion, Assignment, Photos (with markups/annotations), Related Tasks, History
  • Task History tracks all changes
  • Multiple projects support
  • Task views: Tree, List/Search, Gantt, Calendar, Assignment matrix
  • Task editing: via form-type interface or editable Gantt (move, stretch tasks; re-sequence task or group of tasks)
  • Inter-task relations shown with arrowed links on a Gantt chart
  • Calendar to show tasks that starts, finishes or actual on particular selected day
  • Support for team member list and assignments to tasks (and copying from device Contacts)
  • Export of project via standard iOS sharing options
  • Import of project via standard iOS sharing options
  • Backup and Restore all projects into your iCloud storage
  • Share projects on multiple devices via your iCloud account
  • Home interface with important tasks and project highlights
  • Task notification about Start and Finish to occur in 24 hours
  • Present overdue / late tasks on Today Extensions phone interface
  • Adaptable interface for use on iPhone and iPad
  • Subscription-based licensing (via Apple App Store)
  • Web Application for iCloud-shared projects