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VERSION 2.5.2 (PUBLISHED ON 02/17/2022)

  • Version for macOS (requires macOS 10.15 or newer)

VERSION 2.3 (PUBLISHED ON 03/24/2019)

  • iCloud users now can share (delegate) tasks from their projects to other iCloud users (users has to have a Tasks Wizard app installed). Delegated task can be edited in most of its properties, including Photos – changes will be synchronized back to task owner. Sharing can be disabled at any moment by task owner
  • Minor user interface improvements and defects fixed

VERSION 2.2 (PUBLISHED ON 12/20/2018)

  • Ability to create Team Members from device contacts was added. User now may assign an existing phone/tablet contact to a task and this contact will automatically be added to Team Members (includes name, company, title, phone and emails)
  • Interface and icons update
  • Fix: opening a task from Today Extension sometimes end up in a black screen

VERSION 2.1 (PUBLISHED ON 12/13/2018)

  • Team Member to Task interactive assignment interface (matrix) was added
  • Team Member now can also be assigned to a group task
  • Fix: default task duration control in settings was fixed
  • Fix: changing planned start beyond finish or finish before start on task details will honor planned task time now

VERSION 2.0 (PUBLISHED ON 12/06/2018)

Major Update!

  • User now can change еру automatically populated Actual Start and Actual Finish. Such manual change will be recorded in the History
  • Projects can be shared via iCloud. When user connected to the same iCloud account on multiple devices, the changes made to a shared project will be synced automatically.
  • There were several improvements for a backup feature. Backups are now incremental. User may elect to restore from any of existing backups. NOTE: old backup will not be available after you update to this version! If you want to save project before upgrade to 2.0 – use Export feature for each of such projects.
  • Task dates display is now more consistent on various list views
  • Fix for iPhone interface auto-rotation problem (it auto-rotates now)
  • Fix for tasks sorting with HTML export into Email
  • Fix for Project Cloning – to include task creation history event (with a time of cloning)

VERSION 1.8.1 (PUBLISHED ON 06/07/2018)

Additions and improvements:

  • Improvements in data sync when merge project changes from another device
  • Fixed issues when application may crash during data deletion
  • Fixed issues when application may crash if user elect to copy taken photos to a library
  • Changes of task positioning on a GANTT interface are now tracked in the task history

VERSION 1.8 (PUBLISHED ON 05/24/2018)

  • User can clone an existing project with setting a new start date. It will copy entire project structure, except history and actual dates, as well as adjust plan dates according to new start date selection
  • Fixed problem when application may crash if user pick Gantt or Calendar view on a project that has no tasks

VERSION 1.7 (PUBLISHED ON 05/16/2018)

  • View setup controls added to GANTT interface
  • Group tasks excluded from Calendar view (as they are non-actionable)
  • Task Description now can take multiple lines (it was only one line before)
  • Picture to task can be added from Photo Library (in addition to photo from a camera)
  • Improve showing date ranges on GANTT and Calendar interfaces

VERSION 1.6 (PUBLISHED ON 05/02/2018)

  • Project can be configured to include a time into Start / Finish schedule
  • Minutes were added as time measurement units
  • Stability improvements

VERSION 1.5 (PUBLISHED ON 09/25/2017)

Additions and improvements:

  • UI is re-engineered for simplicity and stability
  • Several fixed to make application more stable
  • iOS 11 compatibility added

VERSION 1.4.2 (PUBLISHED ON 09/04/2017)

Additions and improvements:

  • User Notifications added to notify about tasks to start or to finish soon
  • If the entered Start date is later than current Finish date – finish date will be automatically changed to the entered Start date (before this was done obscurely upon task details save). The same for Finish date earlier than Start date.
  • Fix: Weekend dates incorrectly marked on Gantt chart for some locales

VERSION 1.4 (PUBLISHED ON 06/15/2017)

Additions and improvements:

  • Ability to re-sequence tasks via drag-n-drop on GANTT interface (edit mode enables with toolbar button click)
  • More precise Task position editing on interactive GANTT chart with date/time blob
  • Backup to / Restore from iCloud of all projects (including restore during app initiation after re-install or install on a new device
  • Improved usability on a project setup interface
  • Completed tasks now more visible with green checkmark icon

VERSION 1.3 (PUBLISHED ON 01/13/2017)

Additions and improvements:

  • Today Extension to display overdue and late to start tasks
  • Dates with start/finish icons, red color in case if late and strike through font for actual
  • Fix: Search on tasks list bring tasks only from current project (before it was bringing tasks from all projects)
  • Fix: Improvements in the application stability

VERSION 1.2 (PUBLISHED ON 11/28/2016)

Additions and improvements:

  • Photos now can be annotated with graphics
  • Settings: ability to copy taken photos to Camera Roll
  • Portuguese locale was added
  • Calendar layout have no more visual problems after rotation
  • Opening just taken unsaved photo no longer crashes the application
  • Fixed problem with extra day in Calendar and Gantt when switch from daylight saving time

VERSION 1.1.3 (PUBLISHED ON 10/22/2016)

Additions and improvements:

  • App now only requires Locations to be enabled When In Use
  • Task name can be entered in other than default language
  • Compatibility with iOS 10 was improved
  • New locates were added: German, French, Italian and Spanish
  • Minor interface defects fixed

VERSION 1.1.1 (PUBLISHED ON 3/09/2016)

Maintenance update:

  • Project location’s longitude will no longer be lost during the import
  • Improvements in Email composing interface
  • Crash-reporting service include
  • Minor defects fixed

VERSION 1.1 (PUBLISHED ON 3/02/2016)

New features:

  • Import existing projects with Merge capabilities
  • Project Location was added to Project setup
  • Projects view on a Map based on their location
  • Ability to make project Current on Project Details interface
  • Export project as a Text (HTML table in email body)
  • New locales added: Russian, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Japanese


  • Task History now can display more text
  • Materials label now presented as “materials” if no units selected
  • Better adaptive formatting for Gantt view
  • Fixed problem with switching iOS language
  • Fixed issue with extra tap required for New Top Task creation
  • New photo attaching to a new task bug fixed

VERSION 1.0 (PUBLISHED ON 2/19/2016)

  • Initial version, submitted to App Store.
  • Includes all basic features:
    • Multi-project support
    • Home interface for current project important info
    • Task Views: Tree, List, Gantt, Calendar
    • Task includes plan/actual dates, time, cost, materials, completion, assignment, photos
    • Task History to track all changes
    • Team Members support
    • Import / Export via email attachment
    • Subscription-based licensing