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VERSION 4.10 (PUBLISHED ON 02/19/2020)

  • Full Music Controller screen was added
  • Power Balance (from power meter) capturing and displaying was added
  • Minor defects in Indoor (trainer) mode were fixed
  • Ride Chart presentation on button-less devices was improved

VERSION 4.9 (PUBLISHED ON 11/27/2019)

  • iOS 13 compatibility issues for Twitter integration
  • Fix to correctly import the GPX files
  • Support for dual-sided Power Meters (such as pedals and crank-based)
  • Ability to select a time to average the Power Meter data by 2, 3 or 5 seconds

VERSION 4.8.1 (PUBLISHED ON 10/12/2019)

  • Support for dark theme in iOS 13 was improved
  • Better localized number punctuation

VERSION 4.8 (PUBLISHED ON 09/30/2019)

  • Added ability to edit existing segments and create new ones on a route map
  • Fixed defect that may indicate unreasonably high maximum speed when GPS signal is weak
  • iOS 13 compatibility improvements

VERSION 4.7 (PUBLISHED ON 06/14/2019)

  • Added the ability to select or change a route during the ride. Application will show all your saved routes that are within 1 mile of current location – path will be added to a map. Minor interface improvements.

VERSION 4.6 (PUBLISHED ON 05/15/2019)

  • Altitude accuracy improved for devices with barometric altimeter. Segment sensing improved during ride and for the history. New screen with power and cadence data added to watch companion app. Minor fixes and interface improvements.

VERSION 4.5.2 (PUBLISHED ON 01/08/2019)

  • Weather provider was changed from Yahoo (they discontinued their weather api services) to Dark Sky.

VERSION 4.5 (PUBLISHED ON 09/11/2018)

  • Power Curve added to Ride Details. User may look at the individual ride power curve as well as how it is positioned compare to other rides.
  • Ride animated map can be recorded as a video that can be saved and/or shared
  • Backup and restore process was optimized to be faster and more reliable
  • Minor improvements and fixes

VERSION 4.4 (PUBLISHED ON 08/29/2018)

  • Route name is now shown on a ride history when ride is based on a route
  • Ability to change a segment title was added as well as to show segment profile and larger map
  • Auto-assignment of a route to a ride based on geo-data now works more precise
  • Ability to re-apply geo locations to a route from any matching rides (specifically to have altitude values more precise) was added
  • Fix for the issue when application may crash during the use of offline maps with a route
  • Minor improvements and fixes

VERSION 4.3 (PUBLISHED ON 08/04/2018)

  • Bike odometer (milage) added. Increments automatically at the end of each ride with ability to override manually
  • Bike events tracker added (chain replacement, tires, accidents, etc.). Includes automatic odometer and date of event with ability to override manually
  • Manual route assignment to a ride now allow user to pick if more than one matching route found
  • Minor improvements and fixes

VERSION 4.2 (PUBLISHED ON 07/30/2018)

  • Improve user interface for outdoor use – it is now more contrast and easy to see in bright daylight conditions
  • Fix error preventing to import GPX file as new route if it has no timestamps in trkpt element
  • Improve path drawing on offline maps (routes and during the ride) showing direction with increasing dash length

VERSION 4.1 (PUBLISHED ON 06/17/2018)

  • Updated Bikes interface
  • User consent form added for EU GDPR requirements
  • Stability improvements
  • UI Improvements

VERSION 4.0 (PUBLISHED ON 05/21/2018)

  • Offline maps were added to Routes. They can be used to ride the existing route if no service during the ride or expensive roaming charges
  • Free version now uses subscriptions to unlock premium features instead of options. There are three types of subscriptions (History, History-Routes-Segments + offline maps, Everything) and two durations (1 month or 1 year)

VERSION 3.7 (3.7.1) (PUBLISHED ON 05/13/2018)

  • Direct Strava export was added. Manually export any History record or automatically export at the end of a ride
  • Stability improvements

VERSION 3.6 (PUBLISHED ON 04/22/2018)

  • Interface and stability improvements

VERSION 3.5.3 (PUBLISHED ON 01/10/2018)

  • In free version users can have a limited access to Rides History (with condition)
  • Single set of Units now separated into Distance, Temperature and Weight
  • Export is now using iOS standard Share dialog. Users can share Ride’s Info Image on any app on a phone that can accept the image. Files also can be exported to any app that can accept TCX, GPX or MCL file types
  • Fix: Average Speed calculation was improved – now it will not mess the result if you changed distance units during the ride

VERSION 3.5.2 (PUBLISHED ON 12/12/2017)

  • Trainer mode was added to use MiCycle apps in off-season time

VERSION 3.5.1 (PUBLISHED ON 11/06/2017)

•Fixed: auto-resume works again when auto-paused if speed source is a GPS signal
•Fixed: if application crashed for any reason during the ride – the passed part of it will still be recorder
•New feature: from ride details interface user now may merge it with the next one (useful in case the app crashed during the ride and user initiated a new ride after the crash). Combined ride will have merged data, locations, events and segments.

VERSION 3.5 (PUBLISHED ON 10/22/2017)

Improvements and Fixes

  • The Segments were added to mark parts of a ride with their own average metrics and profile. Following features for segments are available:
    • segments can be manually start / stop and viewed during the ride (slide the main ride interface left/right)
    • during the ride a segment will show an elevation profile with location marker (if found match) or current grade level along with immediate, maximum and average speed and power for this segment
    • segments can be observed for stored rides on details interface (use bottom tab bar) and visually compared with each other
    • segments can be manually or automatically recorded if they were ridden previously by matching their locations. Auto-recording of segments can be enabled or disabled in settings
    • segments are shown on ride chart as grey bars next to mile/kilometer markers
    • Free Version: routes and segments feature can be optionally purchased in in-app store (it require to have a Rides history option). There is a bundle store option that includes both – History as well as Routes and Segments
  • Routes now can be manually or automatically matched to the finished/existing rides.
  • In iOS 11 Apple removed some APIs related to social media, including Twitter and Facebook. We revised the social networks-related features accordingly
  • When import the ride via MCL file or restore rides from a backup we now create the correspondent activity records in Apple Health Kit. Be careful, though – if you import the same ride several times, it will create several records in a Health Kit. If this happened – you can remove them later via Health app.
  • If ride was manually paused and then you started to move – there will be a popup reminder to resume or ignore (and keep pausing). Popup will also be accompanied by the distinct sound.

VERSION 3.4.2 (PUBLISHED ON 9/07/2017)

Improvements and Fixes

  • Statistics interface was added to menu to display overall, last and this month ride statistics
  • Apple Watch heart rate sensor now can be used to track the heart rate (WatchOS 3 is required)
  • Ride sharing via email now includes TCX and GPX attachments (to import ride information into Strava or similar online services). GPX includes basic track points; TCX also includes Heart Rate, Cadence, Power and more.
  • Fix: map orientation is now done via GPS course rather than via magnetic compass when moving (it is way more precise that way)
  • Fix: disable idle timer (screen auto-dimming) when ride starts from the existing route
  • Fix: minor display and navigation improvements, including larger fonts for in-ride data screen

VERSION 3.4.1 (PUBLISHED ON 8/19/2017)

Improvements and Fixes

  • Include Routes into Backup / Restore process
  • Include the ride weather data into backup and export
  • Improve rendering quality of the route path
  • Riding existing route now can be done even if you are more than 1 km/0.7 mi away from its start

VERSION 3.4 (PUBLISHED ON 7/25/2017)

Improvements and Fixes

  • The riding map now faces the riding direction (e.g. riding course)
  • Routes feature was added:
    – import the route from GPX file (as email attachment)
    – share route (export as GPX via email attachment)
    – convert Ride to Route
    – place existing route path to be shown on a ride map when ride again
    – automatically show the driving directions if rider is too far from a route start point
    – ride the existing route from start or from finish (e.g. in opposite direction)
  • Elevation profile was changed to be shown based on distance (previously it was based on time/speed time)
  • Fix for the finish wind conditions on ride details interface
  • The age taken from Health App is now properly rounded to number of years
  • Fix for occasional crash during backup rides to iCloud on large datasets

VERSION 3.3 (PUBLISHED ON 6/30/2017)

Improvements and Fixes

  • Fix for voice feedback distance-based frequency (it was always defaulting to 1mi / 1km before)
  • Weather lookup service added to store Ride start and finish weather conditions (weather type, wind strength and direction, temperature)
  • Include Elevation Profile into Ride Details and when share Ride via email, message or FB
  • Resolved problem with incorrectly marking ride as “finished” when bring app to foreground. This also fixed issue with double posting workout data to Health App

VERSION 3.2.1 (PUBLISHED ON 6/06/2017)

Improvements and Fixes

  • Sensor batteries in a voice feedback were added
  • Fix for a problem when free version may stuck with Import if no History option was purchased
  • Phone now will not go to sleep while performing a backup
  • Fix for a problem when MiCycle on Apple Watch may not link with counterpart on iPhone in some configurations
  • Fix for a heart rate sensor: to make it available in free version without purchase of advanced sensors option

VERSION 3.2 (PUBLISHED ON 5/24/2017)

Improvements and Fixes

  • Support for Power Meter and Cadence sensors added. Selected sensors stored separately for each registered bicycle.
  • Power and Cadence data shown on main display, details’ snapshots and on charts
  • Backup to / Restore from iCloud replaced the email-based backup
  • Colors for main display improved for outdoor use
  • Speed and Distance will be calculated from Speed Sensor if available
  • Minor defects were fixed, including link to wrong support form and Japanese localization

VERSION 3.1 (PUBLISHED ON 4/19/2017)

Improvements and Fixes

  • IMPORTANT! As a precautions measure before you install the update, please BACKUP existing data by using Export feature (Export item in main Menu).
  • iCloud data synchronization functionality was depreciated in iOS 10 and will be removed in future versions. In this version of MiCycle we are migrating data back to use only a local storage. Starting from this version rides will only be stored on a device. To transfer to another your device or restore after re-install please use the Export / Import feature of MiCycle application
  • Added a control to enable and setup the Auto-end (finish)
  • “Show Map” control was removed from settings as it was a duplication. Use the switch on a main screen instead.
  • Export of ride/rides to file compresses the file better (it is smaller now)
  • Import from file/mail attachment is now “incremental” (e.g. already existing rides will be skipped)
  • Import will no longer create duplicated potholes
  • Import will auto-resume upon next application launch if crashed during the import. Already imported data will be skipped.
  • Import can now be cancelled
  • Minor defects were fixed and memory usage was optimized.

VERSION 3.0 (PUBLISHED ON 1/04/2017)

Apple Watch support added to MiCycle Pro:
* displays main ride metrics – time, distance, grade, speed, heart rate
* have buttons to pause, resume and finish the ride as well as report a pothole
* watch complications to jump to MiCycle app from watch face

VERSION 2.7.2 (PUBLISHED ON 9/23/2016)

Improvements and Fixes

* When sending a particular ride via email, it now includes data file. Data file can be imported on another device with MiCycle or MiCycle Pro app installed
* Catalan localization was added
* Rides History List interface now easy to read – data presented clear and with icons
* Minor fixes in UI for asian locales and charts
* iOS 10 compatibility was added

VERSION 2.7.1 (PUBLISHED ON 8/26/2016)

Improvements and Fixes:

  • Altitude measurements became more precise for devices with barometric altimeter
  • Main screen was slightly redesigned and now shows slope angle
  • Ride Chart became more interactive and informative. In expanded mode it shows ride details, such as speed, distance, time, elevation, slope angle and heart rate in each point of a route as well as the interactive map with the location of current point
  • Fixed problem displaying maximum altitude on a ride chart if Metric units are used

VERSION 2.7 (PUBLISHED ON 6/22/2016)

New Features:

  • Scalable Ride Chart. Double tap to maximize / minimize or pinch-zoom. Show distance markers starting from some large scale level. Tap to show Kilometer / Mile marker with statistics and portion of map for that kilometer / mile (can tap only when distance markers are shown – e.g. scale is large enough to show the marker)

Improvements and Fixes:

  • App now requires only “When In Use” locations privacy setting (it was “Always” before which was unnecessary)
  • Manual publishing of a ride to the Facebook now have new look: map with major ride information at the bottom
  • Automatic publishing to the Facebook (only finish for now) now require manual push to comply with recent Facebook privacy policy changes
  • Share the ride via Email now includes integrated ride map and data (same as for FB sharing)
  • User can now share the ride via iMessage by including map and data
  • Fixed values inconsistency between Imperial and Metric units
  • Voice feedback options now also include heart rate and sensor’s battery level
  • Support for Health Kit heart rate sensor was removed as impractical (it only works if phone screen is unlocked, which is usually not the case)

VERSION 2.6.1 / 2.6.2 (PUBLISHED ON 5/23/2016)

Improvements and Fixes

  • Manually entered age is now stored correctly
  • Interrupted music play does not cause crash
  • Calories calculated correctly when metric units are selected

VERSION 2.6 (PUBLISHED ON 5/09/2016 – 71st ANNIVERSARY of WWII victory day)

New features

  • You can record your Bike name and parameters to be saved with the ride
  • Support for multiple Bikes (Pro version only)
  • Support for Heart Rate sensors (Bluetooth or via HealthKit – later only works when screen is not locked due to Apple’s security policy). Recorded heart rate is shown on ride chart (blue line). You also may enable voice feedback on changing heart rate zones notification in Voice Feedback settings
  • Ride map now can show how accurate location tracking was in each part of a route (shows accuracy if ride was recorded with this or later version)
  • Voice feedback option regarding battery charge level was added

Improvements and Fixes

  • When app auto-complete “broken” ride (when app stopped working during the ride and auto-complete add Finish event based on last known location), it incorrectly places Timestamp to Finish event. It was fixed and now such Finish event will show a timestamp of a last known location instead of a time when auto-complete happened.
  • Fix for a problem of not keeping settings changes when move to voice feedback setup
  • Fix for a problem when music volume is not going back after “duck” for voice feedback if another announcement intervened
  • Fix for a problem of losing music player and voice feedback after receiving a phone call
  • Fix for a problem that ride was crashing after about 40-45 minutes running in the background. This also significantly improved the battery life – example: on iPhone 6s the 31mi ride for 1.5 hour with using GPS, BT for HR sensor, 1 phone call and listening music only lowered battery from 52% to 47%.

VERSION 2.5 (PUBLISHED ON 3/22/2016)

  • Data is now can be stored in iCloud (if enabled on device settings) and shared between multiple devices connected to the same iCloud account
  • Rides data (including potholes database) can be Exported and later Imported via Email Attachments
  • We no longer support iOS 8.x (iOS 9 reached its maturity)
  • Main interface layout presents data in visually more clear way
  • Ride statistics and events now displayed with icons explaining the event type
  • Ride data is being recorded into persistent store during the ride. This helps to keep data even if app crash during the ride. If later happened, ride will be “auto-complete” based on last available location. App will do the best effort to reconstruct the ride details from the stored data.
  • Make events distinction on Map via pin colors and visual icon on call-outs. Event call-outs also display the event’s time
  • New native languages added: Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Japanese and Korean in addition to existing English, Russian, German, French and Italian

VERSION 2.4 (PUBLISHED ON 9/19/2015)

  • iOS 9 compatibility added (in Social Networks event publishing)
  • 3D Touch home screen shortcut was added to start ride right away
  • Controls moved from main screen to sliding menu (clear UI)
  • New languages added. Now it is: English, Russian, Italian, French and German
  • Maps added to show History and Potholes
  • Settings switcher added to set if music should auto-play upon the Start
  • Minor defects fixed

Version 2.3 (published on 8/12/2015)

  • Bar Chart for Rides History (turn phone sideways)
  • Line Chart for particular ride for Altitude and Speed (turn phone sideways)
  • Ability to report New Pothole with remote controller button (3 clicks)
  • Music now plays shuffled
  • Bug fixed with improper voice notification distance-based frequency

Version 2.2 (published on 7/22/2015)

  • Voice Feedback during ride for speed, time, calories (every 5 min)
  • Improvements in settings saving process
  • Improvements in calories calculation
  • Landscape orientation support for History interfaces

Version 2.1.1 (published on 5/11/2015)

  • App crashing when deleting last item is fixed

Version 2.1 (published on 4/24/2015)

  • Play music during the ride
  • Audio feedback for auto pause / resume and potholes
  • iOS 8.3 support
  • Minor bug regarding deletion are fixed

Version 2.0.5 (published on 3/19/2015)

  • iOS 8.2 support
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 2.0 (published on 3/08/2015)

  • In-app purchase options:
    • Keep Rides History
    • Auto-pause ride on stops to keep stats clean
    • Track Potholes and be notified about them
    • Disable iAd banners with any in-app purchase

Version 1.0 (published on 2/27/2015)

  • Initial version, submitted to App Store.