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Ethereum Miner

Ethereum Miner

If you are mining Ethereum (ETH) or Ethereum Classic (ETC) with ethermine.org / etc.ethermine.org pools, this application will help you to check the statistics on their API with your Receiving Address(es) you are mining with.

Populate the Mining Address in the input field and application will query ethmine.org API to obtain the data associated with the entered address (if valid).

Each obtained data set will be saved locally into the app to be presented in form of a chart at the bottom of the interface. Compare to original website chart will show you longer data – from the beginning of updating. User will be able to reset data, associated with the address to start chart fresh again. In order to display chart you need to have at least two data points. According to EtherMine.org the API cache the data every 10 minutes – so there is no point to tap “refresh” button more frequent then once every 10 minutes.

Application will remember data and show charts for one or multiple Receiving Addresses. Reset of a chart can be done for each address separately.

Terms of services for EtherMine.org can be obtained from their main page (at the bottom) with clicking this link. You may also download Miner Data application from mobile clients list page on Ethermine website.


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