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Bread Baker application allow you to control dough preparation and baking process step-by-step. You will receive notifications once particular step is complete. Process can be visually controlled and adjusted. Application provides list of starter bread recipes. You can also add your own recipes, including ingredients and step-by-step process. When select a recipe, you can adjust a target bread weight. Application will automatically calculate amount of required ingredients.


Feature list:
* List of starter bread recipes, including ingredients and processes
* All recipes are localized to English (default) and some native languages (multiple languages supported)
* Ability to calculate required ingredients based on target bread weight
* Support for metric (kg/g) and imperial (lb/oz) weights and temperatures
* Visual presentation of process progress
* Push notifications when step is complete
* Ability to add your own recipes, their ingredients and step-by-step process

While you may use application for free as recipe storage, you will need to purchase a subscription to use process and notification features. Please pick one of available subscriptions in the In-App Store to control baking process and receive completion notifications. Having active subscription will also hide in-app advertisements.

NOTE: When you purchase a monthly subscription first time – you will be billed only after 7 first free trial days. If you cancel your first monthly subscription during these first trial days – you will NOT be charged at all.

Available from Apple iTunes AppStore today! In-app store products now appear in the application correctly. Please enjoy your bread!

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