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    Driving Car Smart
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    Every Ride is Recorded
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    Paid and Lite versions of CamCarDer available

About Us

We produce quality mobile Apps


We always balance between simplicity and feature-set. No one likes overcomplicated and cumbersome apps!

We are mobile

We are specializing only in mobile apps. And we do it right and perfect. After all the world is going more and more mobile!


All our applications are multi-lingual. We usually release an application in few languages and later enable more and more.

Caring support

We always listen to any suggestions or complains from our users! Support is our passion!


Learn more about this feature packed App

Capture Video

Capture video in three quality modes.

Track Location

Record locations along with recorded video

Record Audio

Audio may also be recorded if needed

Recycle old clips

Unprotected old clips can be auto-deleted

Clips on Map

Easy to find clips on list and on map!

Capture speed

Speed is captured along with the video stream

Playback with map

Clips played with dynamic map, time, speed


Never get lost with the on-screen compass

Export clips w/imprints

Export clips include time, speed and map

We always add more!

New features and new localizations are coming


Read What The People Are Saying About CamCarDer

“True gps app . Awesome and amazing free gps app . Enjoy and easy to use”

– Evanro1

“Much better than paying lots of money for an actual dash cam. Highly recommended!”

– Danielplutonium1

“Saved a ton of time with insurance having accident on a “tape”!”

– Tasha-Tatasha


See what’s included in the App

Main interface

Main Screen

Menu on Main interface




Camera Settings

Camera Settings

Recorded Clip Details

Clip Details

Dynamic playback with Map and Info

Dynamic Playback

Exported Video with imprints

Exported Video


Take a closer look in more detail

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For more info and support, contact us!

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Reston, Virginia, USA

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