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Tasks Wizard has notifications now!

On September 5, 2017, Posted by , In New Features,New Releases,Tasks Wizard, With No Comments

Users of Tasks Wizard now can setup notifications about task Start and Finish events. Notification will happen a day before the actual event (at 9 am local time day before the day of event). Notifications only available for actionable tasks (not for group tasks – since group task start and finish dates controlled by children tasks). Notifications can be setup for Start, Finish or both if required.

Besides notification feature we also improved how incorrect dates setup is solved. If user setup start date later than finish date (or finish date earlier than start date), application now adjusts the “incorrect” date immediately. Previously it was done upon save and was not very obvious to a user.

We also fixed the visual defect when weekend days (Saturday and Sunday) shown incorrectly on Gantt chart for locales where week starts from Monday. We hope you enjoy this new update!

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