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MiCycle is a cycling route tracking application. While cycling, application provides vital statistics, like Distance, Speed, Average / Maximum speed, Calories burned, optional Map with the passed track. Application may display data in metric (meters / kg) or imperial (miles / lb) units. Location tracking works in a background – so if device is in a pocket in locked mode, location still being tracked. If in pocket – app will use voice feedback to inform rider on stats. Charts provide ability for interactive analysis. User may post start and finish events to social networks, like Twitter and Facebook or share via email and iMessage.

Main differentiator from other Cycling apps is – this one is SIMPLE and JUST WORKS. No funny and complex interfaces, pages, controls, overloaded screens… Just essentials. For those who need more – there are Premium Features, available via In-App purchase.

Optional features include History (user will see all previous rides and may go into details of each or remove some if not valuable anymore); Auto-Pause feature that allow user to exclude unwanted stops (traffic light, roads, etc) from stats calculation (average speed, duration) – app will automatically pause ride when speed drops to 0 and automatically resume it when location starts changing; Pothole Tracking feature allow user to record bad spots on pavement and be notified that they are near when ride the same route next time via push notification (list of recorded potholes can be edited).

Application attempts to save as much battery as possible by tacking location only when ride actually started and haven’t yet ended. Location updates are also happening with very reasonable pace while riding – e.g. every 5 m / 15 ft.

We hope that you will find MiCycle app useful!

Feature Description

Voice Feedback

During the ride user usually keep iPhone in a pocket. Voice Feedback help to keep user informed on vital ride statistics, such as speed and distance. Voice-over feedback reported every five minutes.

Pothole Tracking

MiCycle App Pothole Info

Pothole Preview / Edit


Pothole Settings

Ditches and Potholes are very annoying problems on pavement – especially for road bikes with thin tires. They can even cause serious bicycle equipment and rider joints problems. During the ride, if rider noticed a pothole, he/she may click on “New Pothole” button on screen to record its location. New Pothole may also be reported when phone is in a pocket – by pressing a headphones remote controller button three times (middle / main button on controller). Collected potholes can be browsed from Settings interface. They also can be edited – to see it in context of map/satellite image or adjust its severity.

When you ride next time on the same route, you can enable pothole notification setting and application will let you know when pothole is near (e.g. in 50 yards radius). This way rider can be alerted in time and watch to bypass such a pothole.

Headphones Controller

Use of headphones controller in MiCycle

The use of headphones’ (not just Apple’s) controller may be very useful during the ride. Besides volume controls, there is usually a third button (middle one if there are three, or just one). In MiCycle app that button has following functions:

  • One press will pause song (or play if was paused before)
  • Two presses will skip to a next song
  • Three presses will record the Pothole (if feature is available)


Application tracks an average speed during the ride. This is calculated as passed distance divided by time it took to pass it. When ride crosses roads with traffic and has to wait to pass such traffic before continue to ride – it affects the average speed. In order to minimize this affection, application can be set to auto-pause when location stopped changing (e.g. rider stopped at traffic or traffic light) and will auto-resume when location started changing again (e.g. rider started moving again).


All committed rides automatically recorded on the device in a History. Rider may observe previous rides, grouped by date, open them and see all events, such as Start, Finish, Pauses, Reported Potholes. If certain history records are not needed anymore – user can delete them from history.


History records can be exported via TCX and GPX files. User may also use a native MiCycle export/import file format to pass data to another device with MiCycle application on it. Combined ride information in form of info-graphics can be exported as image for any social media apps. There is also a direct export to Strava (manual export of history records as well as automatic export at the ride finish event).


Application can present History as a bar chart. To see it simply turn phone sideways being on History list. Bars indicate average speed and passed distance for each ride. User may scroll chart left or right if there are too many rides to fit into one screen.

Being on details interface and turn phone sideway will open a chart for particular ride. Timescale will present Speed, Altitude and Heart Rate (if recorded) during the whole ride. User may double-tap chart to maximize or minimize. In maximized mode taping on area between kilometer/mile markers will reveal additional stats for just that kilometer / mile. In maximized mode user will also see details at every point at the route, such as passed distance, time, speed, angle, heart rate and elevation. Ride point will also be shown in the small map at the left or right corner of a screen.


Free version includes only support for Heart Rate sensor. You may also purchase a support for Power Meter, Speed and Cadence sensors via In-App Store.

Trainer Mode

When cycling season is over and cyclists need to use trainer, MiCycle app can be switched to “Trainer” mode. In this mode app ignores GPS coordinates and attach data points to Time and Distance. In order for it to function you will need at least a Speed Sensor (e.g. wheel cadence). If you have a power meter, cadence sensor and/or heart rate – it always a plus.

There are some limitations on displaying data for trainer ride.

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