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Free CamCarDer Lite in App Store now!

On November 18, 2016, Posted by , In CamCarDer,New Application,New Releases, With No Comments

We just published the free version of CamCarDer – CamCarDer Lite! Please check it out! It has most of the features of the full version, but with certain limitation. This allow you to test the app and the concept before you invest into full paid app. Check the product page…

CamCarDer 2.0 just released!

Completely re-designed user interface; recorded clips now can also be browsed on map, based on their start location; sliding menu removed unnecessary controls from main interface.

Major Update for MiCycle and MiCycle Pro

On November 18, 2016, Posted by , In MiCycle,New Features,New Releases, With No Comments

Both – MiCycle and MiCycle Pro were update with several major features (version 2.3). Here is the list: Bar Chart for Rides History (turn phone sideways) Line Chart for particular ride for Altitude and Speed (turn phone sideways) Ability to report New Pothole with remote controller button (3 clicks) Music…

First version of MiCycle is published!

On November 18, 2016, Posted by , In MiCycle,New Application,New Releases, With No Comments

Apple approved the first version of the MiCycle application today and it was published. First version is more like a proof of concept rather than a full-featured app, but still provides a decent functionality for fellow bicycle riders.